I am Keely Watsica, a professional in the realms of home inspection and media expertise, residing in Canada. My journey is defined by a dual passion: ensuring the safety of homeowners through meticulous inspections and utilizing media platforms to educate and empower the public.

My expertise in home inspection is rooted in years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of construction principles, building codes, and environmental safety regulations. With a keen eye for detail, I conduct thorough inspections, identifying potential issues and providing actionable recommendations to my clients.

Keely Watsica

Beyond my role in home inspection, I am a proficient communicator and media specialist. Recognizing the significance of disseminating valuable information, I established and manage the media-centric website and blog, Through this platform, I share insightful articles on home inspections and address pressing issues affecting Canadians.

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My commitment to excellence and professionalism has garnered the trust and respect of clients and peers alike. I am known for my integrity, reliability, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring Canada’s picturesque landscapes, spending quality time with my family, and actively participating in my local community. With a relentless drive for self-improvement and a passion for serving others, I continue to make strides in both the home inspection industry and the Canadian media landscape.