WSIB Policy Framework review

The date for submissions to the proposed rate and policy changes by the WSIB is October 13th. 

The proposed changes are far reaching and could be costly to Home Inspectors who have family members with their own businesses.

The summary of the proposed changes can be found here:

The devil, however, is in the detail which can be found here:

As an example, As a Home Inspector, you are classified as a contractor in the construction sector. If a member of your family (wife for example) has a cake making business, her business would be classified as being “associated” with yours, even if there were no transactions between them, and consequently her business would be classified as a construction company too, incurring the highest rate of premiums to the WSIB.

We thought the WSIB implementation of Bill-119 introduced inconsistencies that put the public at risk and inspectors at risk of serious fines, these changes are even more ludicrous and can be explained as nothing more than an ill-conceived attempt at hiding a massive tax-grab.

We will be providing a submission to the WSIB and will be engaging the support of other businesses who are likely to be caught in this new “association” policy.