Welcome to 2016

There are some very interesting things going on in 2016.

  1. 04/04/2016 is Monday
  2. 06/06/2016 is Monday
  3. 08/08/2016 is Monday
  4. 10/10/2016 is Monday
  5. 12/12/2016 is Monday
  6. The calendar of 2016 and 1994 are one and the same
  7. The dates and days are the same
  8. Even the festivals are the same (who says you can get back what you lost 22 years ago?!)
  9. 2016 Is a leap year
  10. The biggest world event (we hope) in 2016 will be the 2016 Olympics in Rio
  11. The biggest event in Ontario for Home Inspectors will be the announcement from the government regarding Regulation of the Profession.

As your association we expect to have things come at us fast and furious from the end of March onwards.   It is important that all our member inspectors ensure their profiles and their Continued Professional Development (CPD) and Continued Professional Education (CPE) logs are kept up to date.

For those of you than have not yet applied for your Canadian Certified Home Inspector certification, now would be a good time.  The requirements for obtaining this certification are aligned with the recommendations made to the Ontario Government in the “A Closer Look” publication.  We feel that, although this makes the CCHI one of the more difficult Certifications to obtain, the requirements and the process that audits the validity of those requirements will put us in good standing with the Government when it comes time to represent our members for regulation.


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