Telus Partnership

Telus Registered LogoWe are pleased to announce that as of April 28th the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors has recognised TELUS as the Association’s preferred communication provider.

For this commitment, TELUS has developed a Home Inspectors Mobile Plan that is available only through OntarioACHI.

The plan offers the following:

The plan offers the following:

  • Each calling line will be on a 2 year plan
  • Unlimited North America outbound calling (CAN to CAN , CAN to US)
  • Unlimited North America Texting & Picture Messaging (CAN to CAN , CAN to US)
  • 3GB Shared Data – Nationwide Data
  • Caller ID, Voice Mail 10, Call Waiting, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding
  • $300 PORT-IN Credit (amortized over 5 months).
The cost of this plan:

The cost of this plan:

$75 per line per month (plus local taxes).
Additional data only devices $10 per device per month

Remember:   If you are porting in, the $300 port-in credit will be removed from your bill over 5 months so, depending upon the phone you choose, you could end up paying only $15 a month for the first 5 months of the contract.

We look forward to assisting Home Inspectors reduce their ongoing communications costs with this unique offering.

We believe this plan offers a service, tailored to Home Inspectors that will save between $25-$45 per month for an equal service on a national carrier.   That’s between $300 and $540 per year!

TELUS Coverage Map

TELUS Coverage Map

The TELUS 4G network covers 99% of Canada’s population.  The coverage map is almost identical to Rogers and Bell.  Reception on all carriers is affected by the surroundings and the type of phone you choose.  The Samsung S7 for example has superior reception over the Samsung S6 or iPhone 6 on all carriers.  This is because of the Antenna configuration.


How to apply

How to apply

Download the application form, and fill out the required information.   If your company would like more than one phone, ensure you identify each individual that will require a phone service.

We have opened this plan up to all Inspectors in Ontario and across Canada.

This offer is NOT restricted to OntarioACHI members, but the plan can ONLY be purchased through the OntarioACHI-TELUS partnership.

Download the application form here

Fill it in and send the completed form to