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Members of your board of directors went to Toronto in April to talk to TARION about developing a program of continuing education courses, specifically aimed at Home Inspectors who wish to perform inspections that align with the Ontario New Home Warranty Program,  for consumers.

The meeting went very well.  The outcome is that we are looking at three levels of inspection, the PDI Inspection, the 30-day inspection and the 1, 2 & 7-year warranty period inspections. 

The PDI inspection, which is a service that supports consumers during the builders PDI, will require a new Standard of Practice as much of this inspection is outside of the scope of the regular Residential Home Inspection Standard of Practice.  The 30-day, 1, 2 and 7-year warranty inspections will be able to utilise the Inspection Standard of Practice but will have additional scope requiring Inspectors to follow the requirements of the TARION Construction performance guidelines.

The PDI, 30-day, 1, 2 and 7-year inspections are not conciliation inspections, which are provided solely by TARION employed inspectors, but are to assist consumers by providing them with information to help them complete the various Warranty PDI and claim forms.

Members for TARION and the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors will now be engaged in a re-iterative process to develop TARION approved material needed to train Inspectors to the correct level to properly offer these types of Inspections, and at the end of the training and examination of candidates, OntarioACHI will likely be offering a Certification to those Inspectors that attain the required skills set to perform these Inspections.

We are expecting an update from TARION in the next 3-4 weeks and will notify members of the progress as we continue towards this new opportunity.

Once the courses have been completed, OntarioACHI will be providing a learning assessment examination to be taken by those Inspectors who wish to gain an OntarioACHI certification identifying them as having completed and understood the educational portions of the TARION material and OntarioACHI PDI SoP. 

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