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Support one of your colleagues

Len InksterSome of you may or not be aware that Len Inkster, one of the founders, long-time secretary and co-registrar for your association has had a serious accident.  Len damaged his left leg and ankle after falling down some stairs.

At first, the damage appeared solely to be a spiral fracture of the Fibula, which in itself was quite serious as the break went the whole circumference of the bone and along the shaft, as can be seen from the picture of Len’s x-ray.

This would have required around 3-6 weeks of incapacity while the bone healed sufficiently to have Len walk on it in a walking cast.

After two weeks in a plaster cast, further investigations exposed three torn ligaments in his foot and ankle area and another one behind his calf-muscle in his leg.

This put his foot out of alignment, allowing the bones in the foot and the knuckle end of the tibia to rub together.  In addition, the weakened ligaments meant that more pressure was being put on the lower half of his left fibula causing it to rotate with muscle spasms, preventing the fracture from repairing.

      This is what it’s supposed to look like
       These are the bones rubbing in Len’s leg







Subsequently, Len has had to undergo open reduction and internal fixation surgery to insert a pin that goes through his fibula, tibia and talus, completely immobilising his left foot. 

He is as yet unsure of whether further surgery is going to be required to pin the spiral fracture in his fibula.

This has meant that Len cannot perform any Home Inspections for what looks like might be a protracted period of time.   We spoke to Len and he has told us that he is in a lot of pain, but is optimistic saying that “At least I’ll be able to spend more time working on Association stuff now“.   He is also looking forward to the future.  He jokingly told us “At least I can plan for the operation I’ve got to have in a year to have the pin removed,  I’ve put the date in my Homegauge planner to give me a heads-up, sort of 11-month warranty Inspection

Unfortunately, like many other Home Inspectors, Len is a sole-director of his inspection company and so if not allowed to contribute to Employees Insurance through his wages.   This means he cannot claim any social support.  Without Insurance, he has to pick up the tab for all the medical expenses, while at the same time not being able to earn any fees from Inspections.

Lens has so far had to have 5 leg casts fitted.  Again, he is light-hearted but very pointed in his views on this one.  He told us “I can’t understand why they cut the old cast off, then immediately fit a new one only to x-ray the leg after the cast is fitted to find out something is wrong and then immediately cut the new cast off.   If they can x-ray through the cast, why not x-ray through the old cast and then they are only destroying one cast instead of two?  If I can find out the argument for that, maybe I can come up with a similar argument to allow Inspector to earn more money from doing the same thing twice

We have set-up a GoFund Me account to allow his friends and colleagues to support Len and his family financially while he waits for things to heal.  Len does a lot for you and your profession, helping him out in whatever capacity you can, will surely show your appreciation of his efforts for you.

You can access the Go Fund Me Campaign here.  http://bit.ly/2wMMWo2