Standards & Discipline Committee

The Standards & Discipline Committee develops and maintains the Associations Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics and hears and determines allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence against a member of the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

The rules, roles and responsibilities of the Standards & Discipline Committee are set out in operational policy documents of the Association.

In order to protect the validity of the investigation of any complaint, the identities of the members of the Discipline committee are no longer published.  This is because we were finding that individuals were being targeted by email and phone.  This was seen as an attempt to compromise due process.

Anyone who has a legitimate complaint about the actions of any one of our members can submit a complaint via the online submissions system.  The link can be found on the contact page.  All communication is then tracked through the system.

Members of the Board of Directors have no access to complaints in process so any communication with any director about an ongoing complaint will likely end in a curt rebuff and a recommendation to use the correct complaints process.