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Your home is likely to be the biggest investment you will make.  Do not shop for a Home Inspector based upon price.

The cost for using Realtors to buy and sell a Home is based on around 5%-6% of the homes price and can add up to as much as $32,500 or more for an average Ontario Home.

Trying to save a few dollars on the one professional that can actually let you know the potentially hidden costs in a property is, to say the least, silly.

Here’s how a professional Home Inspector works out what they need to charge to be able to provide support for you now and for the future.

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We offer an open registry for Home Inspectors in Ontario.
Not all Inspectors are members and required to comply with our Standards and code of Ethics. You can choose to search for bona-fide members of OntarioACHI or any inspector who has registered with us.
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Registered Inspectors are not required to maintain their records and their is no guarantee their details are up-to-date or accurate. Only Members have their details checked regularly.
In all cases we recommend you check the details of the selected Inspector and check their current status as members or not