10 LED Headlamp – Cheap is the name

Cheap and Cheerful but like everything else, not recommended as a primary tool.   This headlamp, which can be purchased for as little as $10 from some stores boasts (and I mean boasts) 10 LEDs.  It has 3 modes, 4 LEDs, 10 LEDs or an annoying flashing strobe.

The effective distance is around 5 metres full on (10 LED mode) with a wide beam spread, but little penetration of light for photography and no real definition of what you are looking at outside of a 3 metre distance.

The lamp is powered by three AAA batteries which are mounted inside the lamp at the front. These last around 4 hours on low-mode and about 2 1/2 hours on high-mode before there is a significant dimming in the light available. 

While the batteries will actually last for a couple more hours before being depleted to the point where they won’t give much light at all, for inspection purposes the batteries will need to be replaced more regularly.  You can put AAA rechargeable batteries in, but there is a noticeable loss of light emitted.

The battery access hatch is fiddly and I found that the contacts wore away quickly necessitating wrapping tape around the case to keep the batteries connected( and the lamp operable)

10-LED-Lamp-low-mode10-LED-lamp-hi-modeIn a semi-dark basement looking into a 3-metre deep closet in low mode (4 LEDs) you can barely make out the other end of the closet. (Left)

In high mode (all 10 LEDs) you can just make out the junk on the shelves and the other end of the closet. (Right) 

This is extremely light, weighing in at less than 4 ozs.  It has a ratcheted, vertically adjustable head which allows for correct direction without having to nod one’s head up and down.

It does not like impact very well and it’s not water resistant, so you can’t use it outdoors and it doesn’t like to be dropped (I’ve broken 3!)

This is a very poor standby unit, but don’t be surprised if you come to have to use it and it doesn’t work.   

Don't think so - not a professional tool
  • 2/10
    Light output - 2/10
  • 8/10
    Ease of Use - 8/10
  • 3/10
    Battery (Type and lifespan) - 3/10
  • 8/10
    Size and Weight - 8/10
  • 4/10
    Value (Price & Running costs) - 4/10
  • 3/10
    Beam width & distance - 3/10


Cheap and cheerful. Alright for a walk along the road to let others know you are there, but not really a professional tool.

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