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Recent changes

Following a number of suggestions from members, we have made some changes to your Associations website.  We hope these changes will make it easier for you to navigate the site and to access and change your online profiles.  These profiles are used to advertise your services to consumers, so it’s important you keep them up to date and accurate.

Initial menu

We’ve streamlined the initial menu.   

We’ve removed the HOME button.  This was superfluous as with all WordPress sites, clicking on the header logo returns you to the Home Screen.

Anonymous main menu

We display only the menu options that are relevant to the person reading the site.  For example, anonymous users, registered users and members will all see different menus. If you are not logged in, you will see the anonymous menu.

Not logged in?


We are frequently asked to help people find the “login” option.  Well, we’ve now put that under the “HELP” button.  (It seemed pretty obvious to us, we hope it’s as obvious to you) .    Non-members can also use the help option to join up too.Anonymous help menu Upcoming Training

This is pretty self-explanatory but will provide a link to training sign-up pages.  Again, if the training is only available to members, then it will not show up unless you are logged in.

Anonymous Training menuMember Links

Member links will take the viewer to the various parts of the site that relate to members and member benefits.   Logged in registered users will have links appear that will allow them to access their WordPress profile.  Logged in members will, in addition, get access to their member’s profile and access to update their education, professional development and certification information.  Anonymous users will only see what they are missing by not being members.

Anonymous MB menuAbout us

This is fairly self-explanatory.   It covers the general organisation of the Association and the people in the governance positions.

Anonymous about menuFAQ

Frequently asked questions.  Anonymous users can ask questions here and see and search through previous questions.  This system has just gone online so we are getting to grips with how to segment the questions between internal member questions and public questions.   You can expect some streamlining in the future here.

Public Links

This is where members of the public can communicate with your association or get access to information about our members, such as your public profiles and marketing information through the find an inspector search facility.  Any members who have added feeds can also get their information out here.  Our Facebook feeds will be available here too.  We will be adding an optional paid service to add member facebook feeds too.

Public links menu

Your Profile

Your association’s website has two distinct profiles.  The first is your WordPress profile.  This holds public information about you that you want to be displayed whenever you create content on the site.   To date, we’ve allowed members to have an avatar that relied on a Gravatar account.  Again, following requests from members, we’ve added an option to allow you to update your avatar without a Gravatar account.  You can do this here or select the option from the member links.

The second profile is your membership profile.   This is the profile that is used to market your services and to hold all of your educational and professional development information.  This is the profile that will be used to promote you to regulators when the licensing comes in. 

Because your membership profile is fully auditable, with a fully completed profile and the requisite certifications, we believe you will see an easier passage to obtaining a license.   You can update your membership profile once you are logged-in by going here or select the option from the member links.

Thank you

It is only with constant input from you, our members, that we can make your Association’s services better.  Thanks for the suggestions we’ve received so far and please keep them coming.