Make a complaint

Are you a consumer or Realtor that has had a bad experience with a Home Inspector?

We offer the ability for you to lodge a complaint regarding the Home Inspector with regards their service to you or your client. 

If the Inspector is not a member of any association, we will write to the inspector and notify them of your complaint.  While we cannot guarantee any results for inspectors outside of our membership, we will at least be able to assist you where we can

 Complaints can be submitted electronically using the client support system here

Information regarding complaints and processing.

If you have a complaint or concern about a specific Home Inspector you are recommended to discuss your concerns directly  with the  Home Inspector first.   This is usually the quickest way to resolve  issues.

Please be aware that while initial response to a complaint may be swift, the complaints process may take weeks or even several months depending on the complexity and severity of the complaint.

While we are ready to take complaints regarding the professional conduct of all Home Inspectors, we can only enforce discipline on our own members.

If you find the inspector is a member of another association, you may get faster results by referring your complaint directly to them. To assist you here is a list of contacts for these Associations:

Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI): Web link here
Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI): In Ontario OAHI deals with these complaints
National Home Inspection Certification Council (NHICC): Web link here
Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC): Web Link here
Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors: Complaints need to be mailed in. Web link here

Please do not abuse this service, as we are manned by volunteers and frivolous complaints of a personal nature by inspectors against other inspectors cause delays in processing real customer problems.

We will not entertain a complaint that has already been launched and dealt with to completion in another third-party forum, regardless of the forum, jurisdiction or court.   It is considered an abuse of process in our constitution and legal system for a party who has been unsuccessful in a proceeding in one forum, to attempt to re-litigate the same facts in order to seek relief in a different forum.  The  legal  maxim “res judicata” (which, roughly  translated,  means  “the  matter  has  already  been  decided”)  applies  to  this  situation.   More information can be found in sections 45.1 and 46.1 of the Human Rights Code of Ontario.

Any and all complaints accepted for processing undergo strict adherence to the policies and procedures laid down in the OntarioACHI standards and Discipline rules.  The discipline committee’s decision on outcomes is final.