Professional Standing Policy

OntarioACHI Professional Standing Credits Policy



P.S. Credits

Proof needed for audit


Residential Inspections

1 P.S. Credits per residential inspection

Invoice for Inspection


Commercial Inspections

3 P.S. Credits per commercial inspection

Invoice for Inspection


OntarioACHI board member

30 Credits per year of service
(no part credits)



OntarioACHI committee chair/secretary

20 P.S. Credits per year of service
(no part credits)



OntarioACHI committee member

12 Credits per year of service
(no part credits)



OntarioACHI local chapter officer

4 Credits per year of service
(no part credits)



OntarioACHI official meeting

1 credit per members meeting
(4 for AGM attendance)

Meeting minutes including attendee record


Peer review of Inspection report for fellow member

1 per Residential Inspection Report
2 per Commercial Inspection Report

Peer Review report number

OntarioACHI Certification Committee approval


Published in newspaper, magazine, or OntarioACHI Newsletter

1 credit per article
(must be 200 words or more)

copy of the published article


Author of published inspection book

36 credits per book

title and ISBN number


Guest/host on radio or TV inspection show

1 hour/appearance – 8 hours max

copy of audio/video segment


Assisting with Habitat for Humanity or other charity

varies – 8 hours max

Prior approval from OntarioACHI Certification Committee.  Letter of confirmation of service.



60 acceptable Professional Standing Credits (P.S. Credits) are required per year, of which at least 30 C.E. Credits must be obtained from Activity 1 and/or 2, are required to maintain OntarioACHI Certified Professional Property Inspector Designation.  Excess P.S. Credits may be carried over into the following years.

Example: If you accrue 180 P.S. Credits in year one, the unused credits will count as credits for your designation in years 2 and 3, with unused credits accrued in years 2 and 3 being carried forward to future years.  Accrued credits for activity types 2 thru 12 cannot be exchanged for credits for activity types 1 and 2.
 It is the member’s responsibility to maintain documented proof of completed P.S. Credits in the event of an audit by OntarioACHI.


Professional Standing Credits claimed must be submitted to the Membership Committee at year end.  Members will be audited on a random selective basis.