Popcorn anyone?

So the Ontario House Builders Association and the Ontario Real-Estate Association seem to be going head-to-head in a battle over mandatory Energy Audits.

While OREA is publishing that the Province has put the brakes on the plan (here) the Ontario House Builders Association is all for them. (here)

The press doesn’t seem to know one way or the other (here)

Meanwhile, Mr Hudak, at the 2018 ORA conference appears to take a jab at the Home Energy Auditors (here) where he suggests “A low energy score or a shady operator could cost [a seller] thousands and thousands of dollars”  (Not to mention the loss of commission and the possible loss of a sale for the Realtor.)

What he fails to mention is the fact that Full Disclosure protects the person who is considering spending hundreds of thousands or even millions on the home and should be provided with all the facts about it. 
Not just the half-truths and the “All information displayed is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. No warranties or representations are made of any kind” disclaimer that is always attached to the listing of any home sold by a Realtor in Canada.

How many listings do not have all the rooms sizes with the typical “Measurements not available” seem to cover anything the Realtor chooses not to measure.  How about listings that ignore basements? Guess what folks! A Professional Home Inspector is required to inspect the basement too and its condition will affect the price of the home.  The listings don’t even mention whether the HVAC and Water Heating is high-efficiency or not.  All valid reason to have a Professional Home Inspection.

It’s time the Home Inspection Profession and this includes Home Energy Auditors were freed from the constant abuse we suffer from OREA.  Sure there may be some “shady operators” in our profession, but as the saying goes  “People in glass houses….”


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