OntarioACHI congratulates Ontario Government for its committment to a Professional Home Inspection Service


New regulation to License Home Inspectors

Niagara Falls, February 26, 2016

The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors (OntarioACHI) would like to congratulate Han Dong, MPP for Trinity-Spadina and David Orazietti, Minister for Government and Consumer Services for proposing new regulation in the form of Bill165 – Licensed Home Inspectors Act to help the Home Inspection profession improve their services to the public.

Ontario has approximately 1500 Home Inspectors offering services to consumers to support the over 250,000 home sales each year in the Province.

“The Home Inspection profession has, in the past, been seen as more of a bunch of retired contractors offering a walk through service to customers, and this had to stop”  says Len Inkster, one of the founders of OntarioACHI.   “There is a plethora of excellent education, online, in college and home study, but the ability to confirm this education had been translated to providing the consultancy service the public deserves was missing”  he went on to say.

There are multiple home inspection member associations and a handful of independent certification bodies.  Navigating the minefield of Certifications, and even establishing if a Certification is truly held by an inspectors is almost impossible for the consumers.  At OntarioACHI is has been our mission to change that.

“Licensing is a hugely positive step for the future of the Home Inspection Profession” says Patrick Auriol, OntarioACHI certification director.  “We have lobbied hard to ensure Ontario has the best Home Inspection Professionals in Canada,. This initiative by the Liberal Party is just the catalyst the Association has been looking forward to for its professional members.”

The Home Inspection profession has been dogged by complaints and accusations made in the media and in court.  Of the 250,000 home sales in Ontario each year, the number of complaints that are submitted are minute.  Many complaints are seen as the lack of education by not just of some inspectors, but also the public.   There are still in our view too many inspectors who believe old methods of inspection are OK.  The public obviously agree with us to disagree.

Scot May, co-founder of the Association says “This simple regulatory change is the first step to moving our profession from the perceived one of someone ‘just looking around’ to a profession that offers a truly deep skilled and un-biased consultancy to the public.”

Self-regulation with strict certification programs such as the Canadian Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) program is elective and few Inspectors have submitted to this standard.   Enforced regulation of the profession appears to be the only way to make inspectors achieve the standards deserved by the paying public.

Timothy Smith, Vice-President of OntarioACHI states  “We are pleased that members of the Government of Ontario have agreed to continue to work with us to ensure other regulations are adjusted to ensure our Professionals are not hindered from providing these services by any outdated doctrine.  We look forward to pro-actively participating in these changes on behalf of the profession and for the benefit of the consumer.”