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Inspectors Newsletter – February 2014

OntarioACHI Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of OntarioACHI will take place in less than 6 weeks.   Be sure to put it in your calendar.   Last years AGM was held in Barrie and in order to give all of our members a chance at attending a local venue we have moved it this year to Burlington.

We will be moving the venue each year to ensure that we recognise the true geographic nature of the membership of our association.

This years format will be somewhat different. Because we recognise that our members travel long distances for a short meeting, we have engaged several speakers to come to the AGM and talk about subjects that align to many of the services we provide, and issues that affect us as Inspectors.

 So the AGM this year will be preceded by a min-conference that will be open to all inspectors,  starting at 1pm on the 23rd April, and ending with the AGM which will start at 6:30pm where only paid members can attend and vote.

We strongly encourage members and attendees to register ahead of time, and have provided a link on the website for you to do this. Clicking here will take you there directly.

2013-14 Annual General Meeting

The second AGM for OntarioACHI has been announced by the board of directors.  This is the chance for members to get information first hand on what has happened in the past year and what is planned for the coming year.

More importantly it is the opportunity to have your say in how the association is run.  All paid-up members have the ability to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors and to vote at the AGM for their choice of nominees on the late.

There are some important dates leading up to the AGM.  These are:

  • 23rd March, 2014 – All Nominations for board members needed to be received by the registrar.  Only full members in good standing can nominate.  Only full members in good standing can be nominated.
  • 19th April, 2014 – Any members wishing to have issues raised at the AGM should submit their case by this date.  This does not stop any comments being raised from the floor at the meeting, but anything that might require an operational or bylaw change needs to be in by this date so the relevant paperwork can be distributed to all members in time for the meeting.
  • 21st April, 2014 – All members wishing to use a proxy vote has to have submitted it by this time.
  • 23rd April, 2014 – This is the date of the AGM.

For more information on the AGM, and for up-to-date details as the event is fleshed out, please go to the OntarioACHI website here.


On September 12, 2013, representatives of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada (“RSIC”) together with the Ontario Lung Association, were at Queen’s Park to observe debate on Bill 96, Radon Awareness and Prevention Act, 2013. The bill was tabled by the MPP for Etobicoke North, Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, and successfully passed Second Reading in the afternoon.

If passed in to law, Bill 96 would require the province to actively educate the public about radon gas exposure and encourage homeowners to measure the radon levels in their dwellings. In addition, the bill seeks to mandate the province to measure radon levels in every provincially-owned building, and to take steps to remedy them where necessary. In 2009, the provincial governments of Manitoba and Saskatchewan conducted province-wide radon testing of their buildings.

Radon is a colourless, odourless, radioactive gas that, according to Health Canada, contributes to 16 per cent of lung cancer deaths in Canada.

Naturally released from the soil, it accumulates in enclosed spaces within homes, schools, industrial buildings and mines. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies radon as a carcinogen, and ranks it as the second leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco.

A recent survey of 14,000 homes across the country, conducted by Health Canada, revealed that approximately 7% of Canadians live in homes with radon levels above the guideline of 200 Bq/m3.

OntarioACHI will be producing a series of presentations for any members who are interested in this area of ancillary inspection, which will include localised maps of potential Radon exposures and protocols for sampling and analysing air and water for Radon in Ontario.

Canadian Certified Home Inspector

The CCHI program is advancing.

The board and committees of OntarioACHI are continuing to work on the implementation of the CCHI in Ontario and we will be providing members with information about the process of attaining this certification.  We now have a number of members who are considered competent to perform proctoring services and we feel that while it has taken a long time to finalise the details, the processes in place will ensure that any member holding a CCHI can be trusted by consumers and realty professional alike to be the go-to Inspectors for professional, concise and comprehensive inspections.

Grass roots meetings

We are working on a series of local meeting presentations and are looking for members to come forward to assist in getting this information out to members locally.

Ontario covers an area in size greater than the countries of France and Spain combined and as we are intent on ensuring the membership fees for OntarioACHI are maintained at the lowest level possible, while at the same time used for the greatest benefits to our members we feel that the ability for the members to get together and utilise information prepared centrally is one of the best ways of ensuring the spread of professionalism.

One of the reasons the Home Inspection profession is so fragmented is that it has been divided by the belief every other inspector is a potential threat to business.  With only 1,500 Inspectors in Ontario and over 190,000 home sales a year we do not believe this to be true.

This divisiveness has been, we feel, artificially generated by a number of individuals in the profession that have sought to monopolise the control of the profession and to a larger part the work that comes from it.

We feel that grass roots networking is a very good way to realise that the inspector you perceive as your local competition can actually be one of your best business allies.  One of the recommendations in the regulation report to the ministry of consumer services suggested that where geographically possible, practicing inspectors could achieve continued professional development credits by mentoring other inspectors.  We see the grass roots meetings as a good way to edge inspectors into this.    We strongly recommend our members talk to us about the opportunities this gives, not just for building your local network but also in strengthening your profession against negative outside influences.

To find out more contact us here

Insurance rates are increasing – get your discounts

Insurance rates are increasing across Canada.  This means that business operation insurance such as E&O and GL Insurance has seen a 20% rise in the last two years and is expected to see a further 10% rise in the next few weeks.

OntarioACHI have an arrangement that has been formulated with HUB International Ontario Limitedl that gives our members substantial discounts on their E&O and General Liability coverage, while at the same time allowing the members to provide cover for their equipment.

The Canadian Certified Home Inspector Certification has a mandatory requirement of E&O and GL insurance, and this program provides that cover at a rate we do not believe is available anywhere else in Ontario.

For more information on this program and it’s benefits contact Kim Smith at Hub either by e-mail or by phone (905) 582-706

Joining OntarioACHI

Membership is open to anyone in the Home Inspection Industry.  Obviously as a Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, members of that organisation can choose to join either as an associate member at a reduced rate, or if  you want access to all the benefits and services we will be offering join as a full member.  The difference in joining fees is less than the price of one coffee a week, but the extra services and advocacy benefits pay dividends to full members..

We have made it simple and painless to join, just go to and use the web-site payments through a secure pay-pal service which will let you pay either by PayPal or by Credit card.

We chose this route because we believe it is more important to concentrate our efforts on providing services to our members than to invest in the technology that is required to provide PCI compliance.  In addition to improving the Ethics, Standards and Professional conducts, we want your membership money to provide improvements for the Home Inspector Profession in Ontario, and to generate marketing and other incentives for people to use our members.

Remember this is a not-for-profit organisation, and the less we waste on infrastructure, the more we can use back on the membership, which is what it’s all about.

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