Newsletter: April 2015

Inspectors Newsletter – April 2015



OntarioACHI AGM and Mini-conference

It is now less than 1 week to the mini-conference and AGM.  We are hoping to make this one our best one ever.

Come and meet you fellow inspectors, meet some key suppliers and hear how OntarioACHI is working with factions of the Government, their agencies and other Inspection organisations to try to help move the profession forward, and ensure all Home Inspection Professionals in Ontario gain the respect they deserve.

The AGM this year will be preceded by a mini-conference that will be open to all inspectors,  starting at 1:30pm.  Attendance and voting privileges at the AGM, scheduled to begin at 6:30pm, are open to current OntarioACHI Members in good standing.

Not a member?   Not a problem, we will have an enrollment booth at the conference which will allow interested parties to join immediately, and start to take advantage of the benefits.

Our line-up of presentations is now complete, and we have some exciting news from the Insurance industry regarding Professional Insurance as well as other Insurance Benefits we hope to be offering from the AGM onwards.

We will be presenting information on the impacts various regulations have had, and are destined to have on not just our profession but on every person that is involved with a Real Estate Sale or Purchase.   This includes items such as the WSIB Bill-119 and review process, the CSA-A770 proposed standards as well as the Ontario Home Inspection regulation process.

We strongly encourage members and attendees to register ahead of time, you can do this by clicking the pencil below.

Hot Tub Health & Safety Tips for your clients

HEALTH & SAFETY ISSUES Hot tub health and safety issues can be thought of in three categories: related illnesses; people who are particularly at risk; and common accidents which need to be avoided. ILLNESSES Let’s start by looking at the illnesses which are likely to strike hot tub users. In many ways, hot tubs are the perfect breeding grounds for …

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Register for the 2015 AGM-Conference

The 2015 AGM is FREE to all OntarioACHI and InterNACHI members. 

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Did you know that people searching for services are now using Social Media connected links to find them over normal search engines?

We have designed an integrated link of Social sites and will be updating this architecture regularly.  Start by liking the OntarioACHI site, post something and don’t forget to link your post back to your website.  We will then spread the word using the web services we have built for you.

OntarioACHI Inspector Search service inspector

Are you missing out?   As part of our ongoing service improvements we have improved the Inspector search facility on the site, and included the public profile of ALL members registered or fully-paid.  It is important that you keep your public profiles up to date, as this what will be displayed when people use the search function to find an inspector.  You can check out what your profile looks like by using the search facility.   Click on the target to get there.