New Construction Inspection: CPG Awareness training.

The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors in its mission to continuously push for higher professional standards has launched a new certification that establishes higher standards for Professional Home Inspectors wishing to protect consumers who are purchasing new construction properties.

The OCNCI program is designed to allow properly trained inspectors to augment the work provided by municipal inspectors, who have neither the time nor resources to inspect a new home fully during construction or on completion. 

A qualified OCNCI Inspector will be able to provide services from construction phases inspections to supporting consumers with the inspection of properties during the Pre-delivery phase and the various warranty claim periods offered by the Ontario New home warranty program which is backstopped by TARION. 

The OCNCI Inspector will provide that important missing piece to help consumers understand the build process and provide early identification of any concerns that can be readily fixed by the builder prior to completion and delivery, as well as post ownership of the home.

Recognizing that inspectors are busy, and cannot often dedicate multiple days of the week for training, the OCNCI program is subdivided into easily management training sessions, to allow the inspector to learn while earning.    This session is around the Construction Performance Guidelines, the PDI process and the role of TARION in the Ontario New Home Warranty Program and is a required component of the OCNCI designation.