OntarioACHI Renewal

It is only with your continued support that the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors Survives.  

Our membership marketing is driven by our membership, you.  We do not employ expensive market research companies.   The organisation is managed by the volunteers on the executive board and standing committees.

We do not use your membership funds for lobbyists, we lobby the regulators on your behalf, as Home Inspectors, and let our members' professionalism speak for itself.

Above all, we believe the price of membership should reflect the tangible savings we can offer in return for that membership.

In return for your support, the Association continues to be the least expensive of all Professional Associations in the home Inspection Profession in Ontario, Canada.

We have maintained this position by the minimisation of overheads, opting for virtual offices and multiple online services rather than physical offices and expensive staff.

We are continuing to secure discounts on services and products that inspectors need to assist them in their daily chores.  The savings far exceed the membership cost.

In addition, your membership funds have so far helped your association in developing an online education system that offers the ability to provide online, proctored examinations, in line with those in the recommendations for regulation of our profession.   We have a newsletter service, an inspector collaboration service, the use of centrally provided webinar services for those inspectors who wish to set up video conferences to promote their business.

We are sure that you will continue to enjoy your association, that is here for you and your support, and not for bragging rights.   We are always looking for new members to bring forward new ideas to help manage and run your association and would love to hear from you if you have the time and energy to devote to your profession in this way.

Your membership dues have helped us achieve some pretty spectacular changes that were negatively affecting our profession

  • Removal of Home Inspectors from the Bill-119 Mandatory WSIB registration
  • Changes to the new Drone regulations to ensure fairness for inspectors who wish to inspect using UAVs
  • Approval from the ESA to allow properly trained inspectors to open electrical panels
  • Recognition from the Provincial and Federal Governments of your associations' commitment to better professional inspection standards
  • Working in conjunction with the NHICC, PHPIC and CAHPI to try to heal the rifts of the past
  • Extended warranty coverages from ISG to reduce members liability
  • Reductions in the professional indemnity insurances we are all subject to

Your continuing support will help us complete the work we are doing with various government stakeholders to expand Inspectors earning potential.

Thanks again, not just from us, but from all your fellow members.

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