Membership Renewal – Alignment

In  a recent decision to reduce the resources required to manage the association membership,  your board of directors opted to align all membership to October 30th.

This means that all members will have a renewal date of October 30th each year.  Obviously some members have already paid their membership into part of 2018, whereas others are in a state pending expiry.  We have issued PayPal invoices to all members, but have been told by more than a few that they didn’t realise this was for membership and deleted the PayPal Invoice.

Any members who have not renewed and aligned their membership by the end of November will be considered to have lapsed their membership.  We will be cleaning up the membership database in December and removing membership and membership benefits from lapsed members.  This will include notifying your insurer that you are no longer a member of OntarioACHI.    This may affect your premium, and could affect your cover.

Members who are paid into next year have the option of renewing and aligning to October 30th 2018, and this will be at a discount of 1 months membership ($12.50)  the renewal rate below also takes into account any “spare days” in your membership to take you to the 30th of the month.

Payment is on an honour basis, and while we trust you to make the right choice from the dropdown, membership will be left in a pending state if you try to buck the system and choose an amount less than is really due.

If your membership is expired, or in a pending state prior to October 2017, you can choose to renew as of October 2017, paying just the $137.50 however designations that rely on continuous membership will be forfeited, and again the lapse of membership will be reported to the insurer which may affect your cover during the lapsed period.

Any member who chooses to forefeit their designation in this way, will need to re-apply for the designation and will be required to go through the whole process as if they were a new inspector.

We apologise for having to take what seems draconian action, but your association depends on your membership dues and a few members are causing a drag on resources that impact the vast majority.   With licensing fast approaching we want to ensure those inspectors who do take their profession seriously are not adversely impacted by those the a more “laissez faire”

Select the month your current membership expired/expires and the price will automatically be calculated for you and spare days credited to meet the new aligned date. 
(Please don’t cheat, it just creates more work for everyone and delays the process)

Once you have paid, your membership will be processed manually for this year, and you will be notified along with an update of your membership certificate within 5 working days.

Anyone who has problems, is confused by this change or would like more information can contact the registrar here