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Thank You.

We would like to thank you for your membership subscription.

Currently our fully integrate membership management system is undergoing extensive changes to provide extra functionality to you as a member and to help assist the volunteer management assist you better.

We have had to use the manual PayPal system to pay this membership so changes on your account might take two days to complete.  If you need a membership certificate faster for insurance purposes please send an email to the registrar here and a manually created Certificate will be able to be sent to you.

IMPORTANT!!  Please read.

If you have just paid your first membership dues payment, it is important that at this time you ensure you have an account created on the web services and that your contact details are correct.  If you do not already have an account please go and register here.   This will create an account for you to log in to all the membership system, message board and create a membership record in the membership management system.

Without this we will not be able to contact you to ensure you receive the benefits due to you as a member.