Make your profile work for you!

AtoZHomeInspections post by Hendrik Hymans
What a member’s post looks with a fully completed WP-Profile.

Here on the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors (OntarioACHI) website we have made some changes to the way front end posts are presented.

Every contribution you submit, whether you do it personally or send it in to have posted for you, will have the content attributed to you, and your public profile will display at the foot of each post.

This allows you to use your profile to market yourself and your business to the public.  We have added some extra fields to your profile that will support Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) not just of the OntarioACHI site,  but also of your profile.  

You can also connect your profile to your Social Media services and employ advantages for Social Media Marketing (SM2) that will drive people who find your post interesting back to your Social Media pages and website.

The first member to take advantage of this service is Hendrik Hymans of AtoZHomeInspections in Ottawa.

He first updated his profile by ensuring his name, email and website , along with his Social Media services were included in the top half of his profile.

He uploaded an avatar which would be displayed on all his posts.  This is just part of the new features.

Your profile Bio can include HTML tags which can allow you to add phone contacts, email addresses and web hyperlinks.

This assists potential clients to contact you easier and quicker. 

Drop an email to us here if you need help in doing this.

On the left is a picture of what the top half of Hendrik’s profile looked like before we helped him with the links.


And here’s both what the attribution box looked before and after we’d assisted him in updating his profile with hyperlinks.

Making your profile work for you

Remember the old adage.  If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.