Len Inkster – Disclosures

A formal disclosure was given to the board and membership at the 2013 AGM to the following items.

Len is a major shareholder and executive board member of EComSecSol Consultancy Inc. (ECSSC) a multifaceted Information Systems Company in Canada a division of which (Association Administration) supplies the services for the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors web services.  These services have been provided pro-Bono for the time prior to the AGM and commitment was received at the AGM that this will continue to be the case until 2015.  After this time ECSSC may tender a proposal for payment of such services.

In addition

Len is a member of the Niagara Falls Heritage Committee and therefore may be subjected to rules at the Government level that restricts him from commenting on some issues that may be relevant to the Association.  These issues will be declared at the time and Len will recluse himself from any decision making process with respect to these issues on behalf of OntarioACHI.