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The volunteer team at OntarioACHI has been sending out newsletters to Home Inspectors across Ontario for just over 3 years now.

We have been continually tracking the statistics to see what information is of interest to our subscribers.

We have adjusted the format of the Newsletters, as well as placement of the content.  We have altered the way in which the content is delivered, by adjusting the content/link ratio.  We have tried loading the newsletters with images and some with text heavy content.

what we have established is that there is a core of subscribers that open the newsletters, and subset of that core that read the information in the newsletter, and a smaller subset of that core that follow links.

We have identified that around 10% of the Newsletter subscribers are “transient” readers.  These read the newsletter on an infrequent basis.

Home Inspector Newsletter Statistics

Early last year we made a change on Social Media advertising the newsletters, and saw an uptick in the number of subscribers.

Since that time we have seen a gradual decline in the readership of the newsletters and a fairly static balance between people who unsubscribe and new subscribers.  The number of subscribers over the last 10 months has been steady at around 1,032.

Over the next few months we will be trying a couple of new  things for the newsletters.

  1. We will be soliciting more third party information
    • We will be asking suppliers and service providers to send information that could be considered of interest to Home Inspectors.
    • We will be taking newsworthy stories from our members and placing them in the newsletters.
  2. We will be running a purge.
    • In the next newsletter we will be emphasizing the unsubscribe mechanism, and encouraging all subscribers who do not want future releases of the newsletter to unsubscribe.
    • We will be analysing the readership, and deleting subscriptions from all subscribers who have not read the newsletter in the last 6 months.
  3. We will be having more active content.
    • We think that subscribers may get more enjoyment from being able to interact with the newsletter content as well as being able to contribute to the views of the profession.
  4. We will be linking the Newsletters to more social media sites.
    • For contributors, this will provide a boost to their own businesses and services, and will hopefully drive up readership.

We are always interested in hearing from our members and subscribers as to what they would like to hear more about.  If you have any ideas send them to the marketing team at OntarioACHI.


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Founded in 2012 the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is a not-for-profit association of members with aims to improve the quality and standing of Home and Property Inspection for the benefit of consumers and our profession. The association is run by, and for, Home & Property Inspectors in Ontario. Our goal is to ensure all Home Inspectors are qualified to the highest standards and comply with the most exacting professional Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Duty of Care. A consumer hiring an OntarioACHI qualified Canadian-Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) will know they have they hired a truly Professional Home Inspector.
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