It’s your profile!

Your profile is important to you in many ways.

Every member in OntarioACHI has the ability to manage their own profiles.   While it may seem tedious to have to do this, there are reasons why we’ve chosen this route for you.

When your profile is incomplete, any public searches made will not show you in the best light.  If you fail to upload a picture of you to your profile, when someone searches your profile, they will see that your picture is blank.  You profile is also used for creating your photo-ID card.  If your profile is inaccurate or incomplete, your card will not be produced.

You have multiple areas in which you can present yourself in the OntarioACHI online system too. We strongly recommend that you fill in each of these areas with slightly different information.  Every time you add information about yourself to the web, search engines collate it.  If the same information is used over and over, your information will be downgraded.

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The OntarioACHI  web services are complex, because they link into multiple social media systems to help drive business to each of our members.  Inaccurate or incomplete information does not get presented to the various Search Engines and Social Media systems in a way that benefits you.


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