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InterNACHI thread for this website

We are building the website for the Ontario Chapter of InterNACHI and are looking for input. At present the base wire-frame of the site is up, which allows people to register.

The system has been fragmented into pages, posts, FAQs and Newsletters that cannot be commented on, these will be used as informational pages that will go out publicly on the site.

It also has Member Pages and Member Posts, and these will be open to comments from paid members only (when we finally get the paperwork from the Ontario Government)

The site allows for a full profile, (tailored for Canadian registrants)  similar to that available in Facebook and LinkedIn.   We have been having issues with this part of the site, and we spent the last week revamping it to enable profile security, allowing each member to decide who should see those bits of their profiles that would be considered outside of the public domain.  We are pleased to say that the functionality for filling in the profile has been fixed, albeit, we think it still looks a little ugly.  We are working on this.

We strongly urge registrants to post a full profile, as this will help in our ability to sell your services to the public when we start to build the Advocacy program.  If you want to keep the profile information private, that’s OK, but filling it in helps us build concrete statistics we can use in our communications with the Government Agencies and other Realty related organisations.

We’ve opened this thread up to allow members of InterNACHI identify any extra services they would like to see in the web-services we are providing for you as the Ontario Chapter of InterNACHI.

Registration on the site also means that you can subscribe to the Newsletter, allowing you to get up to the minute information on the progress of developments.  There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, and the website is the only way we can guarantee we are targeting the people in Ontario who are serious about ensuring InterNACHI, through the Ontario Chapter, is given the respect it truly deserves in Ontario.


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Founded in 2012 the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is a not-for-profit association of members with aims to improve the quality and standing of Home and Property Inspection for the benefit of consumers and our profession. The association is run by, and for, Home & Property Inspectors in Ontario. Our goal is to ensure all Home Inspectors are qualified to the highest standards and comply with the most exacting professional Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Duty of Care. A consumer hiring an OntarioACHI qualified Canadian-Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) will know they have they hired a truly Professional Home Inspector.
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