Inspection Services – Inspecting the Electrical Panel

After a protracted set of negotiations between OntarioACHI and the Regulators at the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, the Ministry of Labour and the Electrical Safety Authority, we have finally achieved what we feel is a sensible solution that protects the Consumers and allows qualified Home Inspectors to perform their jobs right.

We would like to thank all those concerned in the regulatory bodies, as this has seen a number of twists and turns, but we feel the outcome is the right one for the consumers.

Remember, that when performing an inspection on an electrical panel YOU ARE REQUIRED to follow the safety precautions outlined in the Standards of Practice and Safety Bulletins published by OntarioACHI and the ESA.

Above all, if there is insufficient clearance or clutter around the panel; if the panel doesn’t look safe or you detect stray voltages where they shouldn’t be; if there are loose items or wires at the top of the panel that may fall in when opening it;  Mark the equipment in your report as NOT INSPECTED, give the reason and refer a licensed electrician.

Here’s the official line from the ESA.