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We recently received a nice letter from one of our members, Canadian-Certified Home Inspector Greg Rheaume of Home Inspect Solutions Inc.  Greg operates his inspection service to support his local neighbourhood Consumers with their decision-making process of purchasing or selling a home.
Like all our Professional members, Greg pushes himself to be the best he can be as a Professional Home Inspector and has on his own merit ensured he has had training and is conversant with the Ontario Building Code (OBC), the Ontario Plumbing Code (OPC), the National Framing Code (NFC), the Electrical Safety Code (ESC), the Real Estate Business Broker Act (REBBA) and the Residential Tenancies Act.

While a Home Inspection is not a code inspection, Inspectors frequently come across concerns where reference to the regulations supports our findings.  It appears from Greg’s correspondence with us, this was one of those occasions.

He noticed on one of his inspections a number of electrical concerns and recognised them as violations of the Electrical Safety Code.  Again, as a Professional Home Inspector, Greg has had the pre-requisite training to safely open and inspect electrical panels. 

We are not sure, but we feel the sale of the home may have gone sour, and the Vendor contacted an electrical contractor who informed them that a Home Inspector has no right to open an electrical panel.

The Vendor obviously saw an opportunity to mitigate the costs of repairs and promptly launched litigation against Greg.  At the same time, it appears the Electrical Contractor may have had a few things disparaging to say about the Home Inspection Profession.

As happenstance would have it, OntarioACHI had, in May of 2017, arrived at the culmination of a long series of discussions with the Electrical Safety Authority in conjunction with assistance from staff at the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and the Ministry of Labour.  We received formal notification that properly trained inspectors could indeed open the electrical panels to inspect the interior.

We passed this letter to Greg and we’ll let Greg’s words say the rest.




The volunteers that work for the Association put a lot of thought and hours into the work we do to protect both Consumers and Inspectors.  Most of this work is behind the scenes nut every once in a while something great comes out of all that effort.   This is just one such occasion.  We are extremely pleased to see that our efforts not only supported Greg in his determination to support the Consumer with comprehensive professional services but also protected his client, the Consumer, who would have otherwise been looking at what is likely to have been a hefty electrical repair bill had they now opted for a Home Inspection with Greg at Home Inspect Solutions Inc.

Anyone in the Sudbury area looking for a Professional Home Inspector to help them make an informed decision on the sale or purchase of a home would not be stupid to engage Greg to perform a Home Inspection for them.

You can get more information on Greg and his services by scanning this QR code.

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