Home Inspection Act, 2017

Bill 59 has now passed all three readings in the Ontario Assembly for the final debate. The third reading passed unanimously, with 86 votes for and 0 votes against.

We now await the formality of Royal Assent.  By convention, the passage of a bill by the Legislature requires the assent of the Sovereign (or her representative). Royal Assent takes place in the House or in the chambers of the Lieutenant Governor, currently the Honorable Elizabeth Dowdeswell.   The Office of Legislative Counsel then assigns a chapter number to what has become an Act and it is posted on the Ministry of the Attorney General’s e-Laws website under Source Law.   The Attorney General is currently the Honorable Yasir Naqvi, MPP for Ottawa Centre.

What we know for sure with respect to Schedule 1 of the Bill which creates The Home Inspection Act, 2017 is that:

  • a new government developed Delegated Administrative Authority will be created to regulate the Profession.
  • The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act will be repealed.
  • the OAHI will lose the legislated right to title for the R.H.I.
  • Mandatory “prescribed” insurance will be required for ALL Home Inspectors
  • All Home Inspectors are going to have to identify that they have achieved a level of education that meets the needs of the new regulations.

What we believe, following discussions with various levels of the Ontario government, is that the staff at the policy section of the Ministry of Government and consumer Services will now go into overdrive to try to outline the various options for the framework of a DAA.  We have advised our contacts that we would fully support a DAA that used a shared model, perhaps with the new, to be formed,  Condominium Authority and/or the new TARION regulatory replacement.  This would reduce the overheads to the government, and consequently reduce the costs of the licensing process and the license.

Your association will continue to work closely with the government to ensure the needs of the profession are taken into account when meeting the needs of the consumers.

We will be working to ensure that all Home Inspectors in Ontario that have proved themselves to be professional are recognised by the new DAA in the regulation process.  We know that the CCHI process, being fully auditable, complies 100% with the recommendations made in the 2013 panel document to the Ministry.

We now have an audit process that will allow those Inspectors, with designations that may not be as secure to have their skills recognised in the CCHI program.   We know that the NHICC has a similar program to allow Inspectors to be validated into the NHI program.

The CCHI and NHI are at the forefront of professional standards for Home Inspectors, with the NHI focus being across Canada and the CCHI being focused provincially.  Associations with designations that don’t match up will have to play catch-up in order to provide the inspectors the same recognition with the government.

Inspectors with other designations who wish to obtain the CCHI can go here to find out what they would need to “transfer-in” and maintain the CCHI.