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Happy Canada Day!


Did You Know?

Canada’s confederation was on July 1st, 1867 and it took 22 years for it to be declared a statutory Holiday.  Strangely enough it took another 28 years, (until July 1st, 1917) 50 years AFTER confederation for it to be actively Celebrated across Canada.   Up until then most Canadians considered themselves British Subjects!

The First Federal celebration was under Diefenbaker who wanted to celebrate the British history of Canada. It was in 1958, when the CBC made it’s first Canada wide broadcast of the event.  It took another 8 years to broadcast the fireworks in colour.

O’ Canada was declared the National Anthem on July 1st, 1980.  Again behind the times, it have been the de-facto National Song sing 1939.

It wasn’t even called Canada day until 1982, when in a parliament with only 12 members sitting at the time changed the name form it’s original title, Dominion day.

The largest Canada Day celebration is held in……Sydney, Australia.  Put another shrimp on the barbie eh!?

In Newfoundland and Labrador July 1st is also Memorial Day.  The two days are celebrated simultaneously.

In Quebec, July 1st is traditionally know as “moving day” as it is when many one year leases fall due.

Theodore Loblaw, Dan Ackroyd and Pamela Anderson are all famous Canadian who were born on July 1st.

The volunteers at OntarioACHI wish you all a Happy, Safe Canada Day!


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