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If you have a business and an audience on Facebook, you probably understand the importance of engaging your fan base.  But here’s a question for you – are you utilising your social media presence to its fullest potential? The chances are you’re missing the mark by under utilising at least one tool at your disposal – Facebook polls.   You may wonder why should you bother spending time doing all the work that comes along with polling your audience?  Indeed, why you should use polls in your social media strategy?

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Consider this:

79% of internet users (68% of all adults) use Facebook!

Successful Facebook pages incorporate polls and contest into their overall social strategy. According to the social teams behind Coca-Cola and Starbucks frequently pose questions to their audiences to get social feedback to in an effort to understand customer experience.

Reaching your business goals hinges on a deep understanding of your customers and prospects.  Through Facebook, you have access to a large massive audience of individuals who might not usually complete “traditional” surveys that pop up on websites or that are sent through email.

There’s no need to worry about “bothering” your potential clients.   They’ve possibly already demonstrated their interest by “liking” your page.   Even if they haven’t giving them an opportunity to get involved and give you feedback on questions that are important to them, yet geared to steer them to your services, and to give you the feedback on the sorts of things  they’d like to see on your page provides a monitor not just for customer satisfaction but allows you to gather information on other topics relevant for your business.


Polls for Facebook is a simple poll app that claims to be the “the most popular.”  
Among other things, polls can be created using different question formats (multiple-choice, text, only one correct answer, multiple correct, add drop-down answers etc.).  
Using the premium service, you can modify the polls appearance (e.g. by adding images and media) and configure the poll to send  personalized thank-you notes to the poll’s participants.

Now you no longer have to ask each individual client what they think about the way you are doing things, the way you want to do things, or the way you think you think they want you to do things.  With Polls for Facebook, you can ask seemingly unrelated questions that give you the ability to ask further unrelated questions that eventually supply you with the information you need to correctly target your business.

There are a myriad of free services out there, but they all have limitations.  Limited number of respnoses, limited number of pages, limited number of polls.

OntarioACHI has secured access to the Premium version of Polls for Facebook and through support from long-time Information Systems sponsor EComSecSol Consultancy will provide design services to OntarioACHI members wishing to take advantage of the polls to enable their business.

With help from ECSSC we can hear from you what you want to find out from the market, or what you want to say about your business and develop polls that acquire that information for you.  The polls can be tailored with your logos, and embedded on your facebook pages and your websites.  Full page and website design is also on offer from ECSSC at vastly discounted prices for OntarioACHI members.

For more information contact us at membership services.

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