Examination Day

The next in-person proctored examination day(s) will be:

Day1: March 1st, 2017
Day 2: March 2nd, 2017

The examinations will rely on you having completed the regular Home Inspection Courses available from any of the accredited training providers, and a general knowledge of Inspections. We believe the examination should mirror what is found in the field, so they are open book (You can use reference material or internet access to assist you) but are timed (as you would be in the field).

Examination pass-rate is 80%.

The New Entrance examination requires you to sit and pass two 2½ hour exams
The transfer-in exam, for Inspectors who already hold CMI, NHI, RHI or other equivalent examinations requires you to sit one 2 hour examination.
The CCHI re-certification exam requires you to sit one 1½ hour examination. (This is a two year requirement to maintain your CCHI)

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