Drone Inspections

The new regulations for remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) went into effect earlier this year, and unless you are using a drone out in the boonies, you will likely have to adhere to the advanced operations requirements.

This means you are going to have to take note of weather conditions and notices to airmen (NOTAMS) when flying your drone on top of all the other requirements.

Thankfully the weather and NOTAM system is being delivered on a new platform on October 10th making the requirement to keep yourself informed much easier.

You can get the information from the Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS) website instead.

You don’t need to log in to use the service.   Just click on the weather tab at the top of the screen, enter your location on the next page and hit submit and you’ll get the weather and notams for the area you need.    Select a smaller option of reports to streamline the information you get back.

For example:

Selecting a small radius, your location (we typed in Niagara Falls here and it returned with the NavCan airport code) deselect everything but NOTAM and METAR. 








Hit SEARCH and the service will give you the details you need to build a safe flight plan.

The system is operational for trial use up until its production deadline, then it will be populated with current data.

For Inspectors who are thinking of using drones for inspection services and want to ensure they are fully trained and up to date, you can contact our friends at the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre, 3-4881 Fountain Street North, Region of Waterloo International Airport, Breslau, Ontario N0B 1M0 Canada.
More info here: http://bit.ly/RPAS-Training