The only way to know if you have radon is to measure for it.
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Demand that your prospective new home is measured for high levels of radon!

Has the message got out yet?  The risks from radon in the home, especially in Ontario, are a real and present danger!

Over a five year period, between 2011 and 2015, an average of 803 people, per year, attended a Hospital emergency service with around 6% (50 people) dying either at admission or after admission, from carbon-monoxide poisoning in the home.  Now every home is mandated to have working CO detectors with serious fines for anyone who removes, disables or tampers with them.

Every year in Ontario alone, around 850 people actually die from lung cancer caused by radon, with a greater number than that contracting the illness.

The government has done nothing!

The Realtors association OREA has suggested that testing should be done by the Home-owners.   

We disagree!

If you were buying a car, you’d want to know it was safe to drive, so you wouldn’t be putting yourself and your family at risk.

When you buy a house, you should be having it inspected before you confirm the offer, to ensure that there’s going to be no safety concerns or other defects that might cost thousands to repair.

So why would you choose not to employ the same due diligence with respect to radon infiltration?

It’s your right to buy a safe house

At OntarioACHI we are continuing to send the message out that EVERYONE who buys a house in Ontario should DEMAND that the home has been recently measured for high-levels of radon BEFORE they close on the deal.   Every home with high radon levels can be fixed relatively inexpensively.

Gas Cooker CO emissions

If you found your home had a faulty gas furnace, water heater, fire or cooker that was exposing you to high levels of Carbon-monoxide, you’d think nothing of replacing them.  It’s frequently LESS to have a home fixed to remove high-levels of radon.

With the launch of the Ontario Radon website last month, we are continuing our call to have all homes in Ontario measured for radon as part of the Real-Estate transaction.

Get your home or potential new home measured for elevated levels of radon and get it fixed where necessary. 

It could just save your life or that of the member of your family.

Demand an OCRMI short-term radon measurement test as part of your next home inspection.

Green Radon Result

The issue in the past has been that, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence as to the risks posed,  neither residents nor realtors have taken these risks seriously.

We are continuing to publicise the OCRMI protocol and traffic-light reporting system and now have a number of publications OCRMI qualified inspectors can obtain to help them promote this consumer protection service.

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