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Creating an outlook filter to junk phishing scams

A recent spate of phishing scams have been recirculating again.  These come up once in a while, and often catch unsuspecting individuals out.

The recent one is an old scam from what appears to be a legitimate Yahoo user, Mark Pil.  The email address is mark_pil@yahoo.com.  This is just the initial email in what could turn out to be a string of emails, that appear unassociated but combined together allow the scammers to build a digital footprint of you allowing an attempt at ID theft.

These can be traced back to a series of IP addresses.  For those who don’t know an IP address can be very loosely equated to the digital postcode of a device connected to the Internet.

In this case the IP address was identified as, so we can block all emails using the simple filters of your email client.  In this case we will show how to do it in Outlook 2010.

  • From the Home Menubar select the Rules drop down


  • Select Create Rule
  • Select advanced options
  • Select that you want to filter specific words from the message header  (This is an area of the email that is usually hidden from view)
  • Enter the IP address (in this case with no spaces) and click add
  • You should see this screen, then click OK
  • You will be returned to this screen, click Next
  • From the next screen select move it to the specified folder  and the click on the word specified in the lower panel
  • Select the junk email box (or click new to create a junk folder)
  • You will be returned to this screen, click next here and on the following screen.
  • Name the rule by typing it into the step 1 box and ensure you click on the two top check boxes in Step 2.
  • The rule will be activated and then run on all the emails in the inbox.  You should see offending emails appear in the Junk Mail folder.


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