Continuing Education Policy

OntarioACHI Continuing Education Credits Policy


C.E. Credits

Proof needed for audit


OntarioACHI approved courses

varies – unlimited

certificate of completion


Online OntarioACHI approved continuing education

varies – unlimited

personal log/submitted Quiz


Write OntarioACHI approved educational article

2 C.E. Credits per article
(8 credits per year max)

OntarioACHI Accreditation Committee approval


On-site inspector mentoring for fellow member

1 C.E. Credits per article
(10 credits per year max)

Mentored members name
Copy of inspection report


Conference attendance

1 C.E. Credits per conference
(10 credits per year max)

Copy of payment confirmation for conference


Assisting with Habitat for Humanity or other charity

varies – 8 C.E. Credits  max

OntarioACHI Accreditation Committee approval


30 C.E. Credits of acceptable Continuing Education Hours (CE Hours) per year are required to maintain Full OntarioACHI Membership of which at least 10 C.E. Credits must be obtained from Activity A and/or B.

Excess C.E. Credits may be carried over into the following year but only one carry over per course.


Example: If you take a 70 hour course in building science this year, this would be worth 70 C.E. Credits, 40 Credits would carry over into the next year (satisfying the CE requirements for next year) but not into the following year. All continuing education must be related to the inspection, construction, or design of buildings and related systems.  It is the members responsibility to maintain documented proof of completed CE Hours in the event of an audit by OntarioACHI.

Continuing Education claimed must be submitted to the membership committee at year end.