Clarification and Apology to the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors.

Important Update:  Clarification

In our recent post Making sense of the hullabaloo we stated that the terms “Registered Home Inspector” and “R.H.I.”  were not trademarked.

Following a communication from the President of CAHPI, we have been informed that we were in error and the trademarks “RHI” and “Registered Home Inspector (RHI)” were registered and the registration owned by the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI).

We re-ran the search using the search term “RHI” (without the periods) we also ran the search “Registered Home Inspector (RHI)” again without the periods but with both terms combined.  The Search this time returned 37 database entries.  As indicated by the CAHPI President, the database does indeed hold at least two registered trademarks that are wholly owned by the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI). 

These Canadian trademarks owned by CAHPI are:

  • “Registered Home Inspector (RHI)” (registration 0821239) with this term used in CANADA since September 13, 1996,  and
  • “RHI” (registration number 1785717) with this term, Used in CANADA since at least as early as 1996.

    In addition to being formally registered as a Trademark in 1998, Registered Home Inspector (RHI) was renewed by CAHPI in 2013.  RHI was Registered by CAHPI in 2017.

We sincerely apologise for missing this in the first search.

To provide additional credit to CAHPI they also own the registered Canadian trademarks “CAHI”, “CAHPI”, “ACIBI”, “ACIB”, “National Certificate Holder” as well as Trademark Designs for the ACIBI & House Design, CAHPI & House Design and ACIBI & House Design.

In addition to these trademarks, CAHPI has, as we showed before filed for registration of the Canadian trademark “Registered Home Inspector”.  This trademark is still undergoing examination, with a response date from the examiner expected 14th July, 2018.

It is important to note that the original article we were targeting the confusion to both consumers and home inspectors solely in Ontario.  We were very careful that we used in our article the terms “Registered Home Inspector” on its own and “R.H.I.” with periods.  The reason for this is that these are the terms specified in the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994.

Anyone reading the original post is reminded that Canada is a Federalised Country of different provinces and Territories.    The Trademarks are CANADIAN trademarks and the ownership of the registered owner is absolute in Canada.  We still maintain “Registered Home Inspector” and  “R.H.I.” are NOT registered trademarks in Canada with respect to each other, and indeed both are, by virtue of being itemised in the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994 official marks.

We advise again, the trademark registration for “Registered Home Inspector” has been filed but is still in the examination stage as identified in the original article.

We would like to apologise if our original article caused any confusion.  It was never our intent to misinform Home Inspectors in Ontario or across Canada, nor the general public at large.

We hope this clarification has set things straight.