Obtaining and Maintaining the CCHI

The Canadian-Certified Home Inspectors certification and designation CCHI can be awarded to, and used by, full paid-up members in good standing of, the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors (henceforth known as “OntarioACHI”) or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors of Canada (henceforth known as “AlbertaACHI”) (henceforth known as “the Participating Associations”) who have achieved and maintained the educational and professional requirements to achieve the certification.

Any Inspector who is not a fully paid-up member in good standing on any of the Participating Associations, or who has failed to achieve or maintain the per-requisite requirements for presenting themselves to the public as a CCHI designated Canadian-Certified Home Inspector will be committing fraud if they do so.

All full paid-up members in good standing of OntarioACHI, who have completed their online profile are allowed to obtain a membership card with their ID information and a link that exposes their online public profile which indicates their current standing in the Association and with respect to their Certifications on record.

Primary Certification procedures

1.  Anyone wishing to achieve the CCHI designation must join and remain a full paid-up member in good standing of one of the Participating Associations and have proof of performing a minimum of 150 fee-paid inspections.   An audit of the proof may be asked for at any time.

2. The applicant must complete 202 hours of courses work approved by any Accreditation Committee of  the Participating Associations.  Courses accredited can be found on the OntarioACHI website at http://www.ontarioachi.ca/accredited-courses

2.1.  The student must submit proof of completion of all courses and any exam results to  the Participating Associations’ Certification Committee. (In Ontario via the members online profile at http://www.ontarioachi.ca/member_profile)

2.2.  Students who wish to apply alternate coursework must ensure their chosen courses have been accredited by the the Participating Associations’ accreditation committee.

2.2.1.  All alternate course material including written, and electronic content and any tests and exams should be submitted to the accreditation committee for adjudication.

2.2.2.   Course accreditation will be subject to the fees required for course evaluation and accreditation

2.2.3.  The Accreditation Committee’s decision will be final on whether a course is acceptable towards required Educational credits.

3. Final Exam

3.1. The application must take and pass a final proctored exam consists of two parts;

3.1.1. Part 1,  250 questions to be completed within two and one half hours (2.5),

2.1.2. Part 2,  250 questions to be completed within two and one half hours (2.5).

3.2. The final exam must be proctored by a pre-registered proctor who has taken any required remote proctoring course of the Participating Associations’  and submitted to be a proctor of the exams.

3.3.  Proctoring forms must be submitted by the proctor and contain the relevant information that identified both the proctor and the applicant who was taking the exam and a signed affidavit from the proctor that the applicant was the exam taker.

3.4.  The applicant must submit, via their online profile, the exam ID, date and time, as well as the proctor ID to confirm the details of their proctored examination.

4. Field training


Successful completion of the courses and exams as defined in section 1 through 3 above.

4.1. There are three field training procedures. The student shall complete one of either of processes outlined in Procedure One OR Procedure Two (4.2 or 4.3) PLUS completion of all the processes outlined in Procedure Three (4.4) AND Procedure Four (4.5)

4.2. Procedure One (1)  Four (4) Ride-alongs.

4.2.1.  The student must accompany a Test Inspection Peer Review (TIPR) proctor who must themselves be a CCHI holder certified by one of the Participating Associations and observe the procedures used by the TIPR Proctor while they perform the home inspections.

4.2.2.  Each ride-along shall be documented and signed by the TIPR proctor with a signed statement that shows the date and time of the ride along and the location of the ride along. These documents must be submitted to the Registrar.

4.3. Procedure Two (2) Two Day Seminar.

4.3.1. The applicant must attend a two day Seminar conducted by a registered TIPR proctor which shall consist of the following procedures. registered TIPR proctor arranges for a house to be used as an example.  registered TIPR proctor conducts the inspection as an instructor explaining the inspection procedures and/or demonstrating the procedures to be used. The inspection, explanation and/or demonstration of procedures shall meet the Participating Associations’ Standards of Practice current at the time of submission.

4.4. Procedure Three (3) Mock Inspection Reports

4.4.1.  The Applicant must submit fifteen (15) mock or prior inspection reports via the OntarioACHI CPD system of which four (4) will be chosen for review by the Certification Committee according to the standard set forward for Inspection reviews.

4.5. Procedure Four (4) Test Inspection Peer Review

4.5.1. A Peer review will be Conducted by a registered TIPR proctor where the applicant will perform a home inspection that will be reviewed against the Participating Associations’  approved peer review procedure.

5. Obtain a Police Background Check

5.1. A Copy of a recent (within 1 month) Police background check must be submitted via the applicants online profile.

6. Obtain E&O Insurance

6.1. A copy of the insurance certificate showing current coverage under an Errors & Omissions insurance should be submitted via the  applicants online profile.

7.  Fee paid Home Inspection Reports

7.1. The Applicant Home Inspector will submit 25 printed copies of fee paid home inspection reports for review and approval by the Participating Associations Certification or Education Committee (which ever is relevant)

7.2. These reports must must meet or exceed the Participating Associations’ Standards of Practice current at the time of  submission.

8. Registrars responsibility

8.1. The registrar will review and keep a record of all Home Inspectors that have earned the right to use the CCHI designation and  this will be made available to the public to ensure each of the Participating Associations has current records of the Certification.

9.  Ongoing Certification Maintenance

9.1.   The Certified member can continue to use the CCHI designation or the terms Canadian-Certified Home Inspector as long as they maintain current full paid-up membership in which ever of the Participating Associations they choose AND maintain their Criminal Background Check, E&O Insurance and Continued Professional Development and Continued Educational Units as per the requirements of each of the Participating Associations.   A bi-annual re-certification exam is required to be taken and passed by each CCHI holder to ensure they have kept up with the knowledge required.  This exam is an open-book proctored examination that can be taken online.


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