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What is the Canadian-Certified Home Inspector Certification?


Alberta Association of Certified Home Inspectors


The Canadian-Certified Home Inspector is an education, skills and 

professional competency  certification developed for Ontario in conjunction with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the Alberta Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

The Canadian-Certified Home Inspector Certification allows the public to identify Inspectors who can prove that they have the required skills, education and professional acuity to be trusted to perform top class Home & Property inspections.

Why is this different from other Certifications?

Educated & Experienced

The CCHI has been designed to mirror ALL the requirements proposed to the government for the regulation of Home Inspectors in Ontario.  It has the most stringent requirements for examination, peer inspection shadowing and report reviews.  Find out about the CCHI requirements here

Vetted & Trustworthy

Police background check requiredUnlike other Certifications which ask the home inspectors to submit to a police background check, the CCHI program requires the Inspector to provide a current police background check.   This puts the onus on the inspector to prove they are professional and trustworthy.

Manadatory E&O and General Liability required

The CCHI program demands full coverage with respect to Insurance including both E&O and General Liability.  These insurances ensure that the Inspector, their client and the home owner are protected from accidents and legal claims that might arise from a home inspection.

Unlike other Associations that mandate all stick and no carrot, OntarioACHI have worked in conjunction with the major broker for Home Inspection Insurance in Ontario to identify cost savings for the insurances so there is no excuse for a CCHI Certified member of OntarioACHI to not have adequate cover.

Professional & Responsible

Continued Professional Development requirementUnlike other certifications the CCHI demands bi-annual re-certification.  While this does not incur any direct costs to the Inspector, it does require they keep a level of continued professional development, and we enable logging of this through our extensive web services.

CCHI members MUST adhere to the toughest Canadian Code of Ethics and perform their duties to the most comprehensive Standards of Practice.   CCHI members must issue concise contracts that explain the limitations, costs and redress available and ensure the client is fully aware of the clauses they are signing.

Recognised and Relevant

The CCHI has already been recognised in other parts of Canada as part of the regulation process.  Unlike some certifications that can be advertised by just joining an association, the CCHI must be earned, and OntarioACHI members who earn this relevant certification can be proud to display it prominently.  Clients will know when a Home Inspector says they are a Canadian-Certified Home Inspector, they have had to prove it to us, and now they are ready to prove it to everyone.

About OntarioACHI

Founded in 2012 the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is a not-for-profit association of members with aims to improve the quality and standing of Home and Property Inspection for the benefit of consumers and our profession. The association is run by, and for, Home & Property Inspectors in Ontario. Our goal is to ensure all Home Inspectors are qualified to the highest standards and comply with the most exacting professional Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Duty of Care. A consumer hiring an OntarioACHI qualified Canadian-Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) will know they have they hired a truly Professional Home Inspector.
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2 thoughts on “What is the Canadian-Certified Home Inspector Certification?

  1. This is an exciting time, I can’t wait to bear the CCHI designation. It’s a designation to be proud of for sure! A huge thanks goes out for all the hard work you guys do for us.

  2. Thanks Ron. Alot of the work I credit Len Inkster and Scott May. They have been the driving force behind OntarioACHI, and a major part of bringing the CCHI designation to Ontario. It surely will be a recognizable symbol of achievement in the Home Inspection profession.

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