August update on Licensing

Our last face-to-face meeting was with the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario on May 23rd, 2018.  Since then we have heard nothing with respect to the developing of the framework for the DAA that will administer the Licensing of Home Inspectors in Ontario according to the Home Inspection Act, 2017 and associated regulations.

At our meeting in May, we were told that the CMRAO work was fully funded, so we had hoped the despite the election, progress would have been made.

We reached out prior to the publication of this newsletter to both the CMRAO and the MGCS for news of an update.

We heard back from the CMRAO with a statement that nothing had been worked on since the election.     We had a long conversation with our contacts at the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to discuss this and have updates.

While the CMRAO is fully funded for the work they are doing, they need guidance from the government during the progress.  Going headlong into development without oversight could lead to a waste of the funds earmarked to get the framework correct.

Unfortunately, Government assistance was not available to the CMRAO because of the election itself, the appointment of the new minister,  the Hon. Todd Smith.   The Hon. Minister was also appointed as the house leader, so over the summer months since the election, he has been pre-occupied as the minister responsible for planning and managing the Ontario government’s legislative program in the Assembly.

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has the largest portfolio of any ministry in the provincial government, tasked with looking after both internal Government Services as well as developing, providing, administering and enforcing the myriad of regulations that support the protection of consumers in Ontario.  This includes some 61 in-force acts & associate regulations and 13 Delegated Administrative Authorities.   The Home Inspection Act, 2017 is just one of that myriad.

The good news is, that under Hon. Todd Smith,  the Ministry has two deputy ministers, Mr Kevin French, who is Deputy Minister for Government services, and Ms Hillary Hartley, who is both deputy minister for Consumer Services but also the Chief Digital Officer for the Government of Ontario.    It is Ms Hartley who has Consumer Protection Ontario as one of her reporting departments.

We believe that now all the chairs have been placed on the deck, we will see some movement from the Government on the HIA and expect to see updates coming out of both the Ministry and the CMRAO towards the end of September.

For now, we are assuming that having had no bad news, the process is still on track to develop the needed framework, regulations and DAA to implement Licensing in Ontario of home Inspectors sometime in 2019, with a phase-in period.

We know this is frustrating to all inspectors who have been hoping to have this launched and we will continue to keep you updated as we hear more.
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