Are you qualified for the CCHI?

The Canadian Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) designation is a stringently audited designation.  Any Home Inspector that has been awarded, and maintains the CCHI can be identified as being at the top of their profession.


Are you entitled to be awarded the Canadian Certified home Inspector designation?  Below is a flowchart that identifies the steps required to be awarded the CCHI designation by OntarioACHI.

CCHI application process - new applicants

Membership Required for the CCHI

Membership Required for the CCHI

In order to be awarded and maintain the Canadian Certified Home Inspector (CCH) designation, you must be, and remain a fully paid-up member of OntarioACHI.   The CCHI is awarded by OntarioACHI in Ontario and is not transferable to any other organisation in Ontario.

The reason for this is that, as a CCHI designate, you will be required to abide by the OntarioACHI Code of Ethics.  You inspections should be compliant with the OntarioACHI standards of practice or any other Standard of Practice that can be proven equivalent or more stringent from a consumers perspective.

If you are not a member of OntarioACHI we cannot offer any guarantee to the public of your ongoing commitment to the profession.   Non-members cannot hold or claim to hold this designation.   Anyone found doing so will be publicly announced as being out of compliance with designation requirements.

Any other membership type held in OntarioACHI (e.g. Registered, Associate, Affiliate, Retired) does NOT allow you to hold the CCHI designation.  Again none of these memberships require a commitment to the OntarioACHI mandate, code of ethics or SoP.

How the CCHI compares

Certifications-20160309There are a number of Certifications from different associations.   Each has merits and concerns.  In the recommendation document for regulation of the profession in Ontario, a number of proposals were made to ensure Inspectors were fully qualified to carry out a professional Home Inspection.   The chart on the left is a comparison of the Certifications and designations held by various inspectors along with a summary comparison of the regulation proposals.

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(This chart is accurate as of July 1st, 2016)