- General Meeting Minutes

AGM – 2012/2013

At Holiday Inn, Barrie, Ontario


A Quorum was confirmed by the Registrar at 18:00.




AGM Business:

Minutes of the previous AGM:

The minutes of the [year] annual general meeting were

As this is the inaugural AGM there were no prior minutes/

Presidents Report:

The President’s report was read.

Financial Statements:

The treasurer presented the annual unaudited] accounts.  As these have yet to be filed by a selected accounted, they could not be put to a vote.

Acceptance of the ByLaws


Len Inkster


Ray Wand

Carried Unanimously

Board and Standing Committee Membership

In accordance with the multi-year rule, the following members have announced the desire and willingness to serve and will remain on the Executive Board for 2013:

Kevin Wood  –           Initial President

Scott May       –           Initial Treasurer

Jim Mosiuk    –           Initial Registrar

Len Inkster    –           Initial Secretary

The following members will remain on the Standing Committees for 2013:

Raymond Wand       –           Standards & Discipline Chairperson

Nominations for Executive Board

Chris Walsh, Timothy Smith, Pat Auriol

A show of hands ayes and nays vote was taken and the following people were elected for the coming year (2013)

Chris Walsh

Timothy Smith

Pat Auriol

General Business:

Meeting closed at 18:40

Following the meeting a presentation was given by Victor E. Kasowski, B.A., LL.B. regarding Licensing and Legal Intercept for OntarioACHI members

About OntarioACHI

Founded in 2012 the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is a not-for-profit association of members with aims to improve the quality and standing of Home and Property Inspection for the benefit of consumers and our profession. The association is run by, and for, Home & Property Inspectors in Ontario. Our goal is to ensure all Home Inspectors are qualified to the highest standards and comply with the most exacting professional Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Duty of Care. A consumer hiring an OntarioACHI qualified Canadian-Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) will know they have they hired a truly Professional Home Inspector.
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