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Respected Official,

I am developing a website/app which connects home professionals directly to customers in a easy manner. There are lot many websites based on this idea. I would like to display the certification images in the app based on the home inspector section details. For ex: if he has got a “Master Inspector” award, then specific image that shows as Master Inspector will be displayed in his profile. I would like to know the constraints and regulations if any regarding usage of images for professional purposes. Thank you for considering the request and will be waiting for your response.

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admin Changed status to publish November 15, 2021

Only those inspectors who have achieved the standard to obtain, and retain the Certifications offered by this organisation can display the images on their websites and marketing material.

Inspectors have to re-certify periodically for the right to continue using them.

If you are suggesting you wish to use them on any material you are publishing, we respectfully ask that you identify the exact location of each and every instance that these images are to be used. We also stipulate that if they are used, they are accompanied by a link on the image itself to a valid page on our website home page and accompanied by visible text that clearly identifies, and links to a valid page on our website.

No other permission to use these images are given without further written permission.

admin Changed status to publish November 15, 2021