Transferring InterNACHI Membership

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I am currently a C.M.I. with InterNACHI and my regular membership is up for renewal.

I spoke with Mr. Len Inkster last year during a Tarion/OACHI/Empire Homes sponsored education event in Caledonia and would like to become a member of this association at this time.

What is the process for this?

Additionally, I would need to know if your Organization has any training specific to inspecting Septic Systems or must I keep this accreditation through InterNACHI membership?

Additionally, is there any Commercial/Industrial Associations or Certifications offered within this Organization?


Ian Johnson, C.M.I., C.C.P.I.
President, CEO
CTI Home and Septic Inspections
Div.of CTI Forensics Corporation

admin Answered question July 27, 2021

Ian, We are separate organisations and membership of one is independent of the other. We recognise all training you have completed at InterNACHI. Ensure you load all of this, along with the certificates into your CEU profile.

We do not have specific Septic Certifications.

admin Answered question July 27, 2021
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