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OCRMI, I thought I took this course last year at the AGM where do I find out if I passed the exam thank Russell Loughrin B.A. # 16010312

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If you take a course and exam, with OntarioACHI, you should be notified by email of the status of the results.   Because the course and exams are administered i-house, your profile will also be updated to identify the state of your certifications, and you will also be placed into a member group that will allow you to access certificates and logos for that certification.

On occasion, something breaks and emails don’t arrive.  Frequently it’s because the emails have a lot of links in and they get marked as spam at your end.   Other times it’s something at our end.  This past year we had a lot of breaks which prompted us to move the server from one hosting company to another.

Generally sending an email to certification @ ontarioachi.ca asking for the results will result in a second manually sent email that will let you know.   Alternatively, you can log on and check your profile. If you passed a certification examination, your profile will have been updated to show that.

You should check your profile regularly to make sure it’s up to date. This is the information we use to post to the find-an-inspector link, so any errors may prevent consumers from contacting you.


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