InterNACHI vs. OntarioNACH

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I’m trying to enroll and gain access to InterNACHI’s courses; however, I’m very confused. I’m located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada so I want to make sure I enroll in correct chapter of InterNACHI, namely OntarioNACH. Does the membership in “The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspector” will provide access to all courses available in InterNACHI?

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OntarioACHI and InterNACHI are two completely separate organizations.

InterNACHI is based out of Boulder, Colorado in the USA.

OntarioACHI is based out of Ontario, Canada.

The focus of the two organizations is different. InterNACHI provides tools to help Inspectors market themselves, with training, most US-based. Their benefits are very much US-based, with many of the tangible benefits (such as Insurance, Corporate discounts etc.) not available to Inspectors in Ontario, or subject to the variations in the dollar exchange rate.

OntarioACHI focuses on improving professional standards of Inspectors here in Ontario, as well as providing certifications to confirm skills levels of the Inspectors to Ontario standards.

OntarioACHI also communicates directly with the regulatory bodies here in Ontario, and Canada to ensure that our member’s needs are recognized during any legislative or regulatory change that might affect our profession.

While we recognize the training offered by InterNACHI as education towards our Certifications, we also recognize other paid and free education. InterNACHI does not.

We do require Inspectors to provide prior learning assessment proof which may require an additional examination to confirm their understanding, but this is to ensure we have a solid audit record should this be required for any regulation.

If you want InterNACHI education, then you will have to join InterNACHI Current posted membership rates are US$499 or C$656. Membership of OntarioACHI is C$165 (+ HST) = $186.45

admin Changed status to publish November 15, 2019