InterNACHI vs. Carson Dunlop

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I’m interested in using my time during the second wave lockdown to train for a new career in Home Inspection.
The Carson-Dunlop course looks to be very comprehensive. Then I saw that InterNACHI has accredited course modules available to all members for free (have to pay for membership, of course).
My question is how does the InterNACHI certification course compare to the Carson-Dunlop course? Since InterNACHI is US based, would there be other certification required to operate a HI business in Ontario after completing their course?
Does anyone recommend one over the other, and if so, why?

Thanks for any and all assistance, folks!

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We accredit training from both Organisations, amongst others.   They are equally as informative.  Certification exams will  need to be taken is the exams you take from your course provider are not proctored.

admin Changed status to publish June 7, 2021