How long does it take to have your profile appear on inspector search?


I searched for an inspector in my area and my name didn’t come up, even though most that appeared were not paid up, had no insurance or background check and out-dated credentials.

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There are two ways an Inspector can get on the register. Either registering as an Inspector or joining us as a member.
If someone just registers, we have no record of their commitment to the profession and offer them no way to add it. This includes and insurance, police background checks, education credentials etc. They also have no way to edit their profiles other than email the registrar and ask for changes to be made. If the details go out of date we cannot know unless someone tells us.
Members have a different level of access. They have the ability to enter their credentials, both contact and professional. What they enter determines what has displayed in the find an inspector. OntarioACHI awarded Certifications and Certification requirements are controlled by the Certification Committee and Registrar. Contact details and non-OntarioACHI credentials are the responsibility of the inspector.
If an Inspector enters their address in a manner that is not understood by Google Mapping (e.g. putting a postal code in multiple case or mistyping their street or city) then Google Mapps can’t locate them, and neither can the find an Inspector code.
Following your post we checked your contact details found errors, corrected them and you now show up.
The usual time to show up on the find an Inspector site is between 1-2 hours after you receive your certificate of membership in the email.

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