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Hi there

I have been in the construction industry for almost 15 years. I do have a certificate CPI from Internachi. To become a member do i have to take all of your courses as well?

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Home Inspection is not the same as being a construction worker.

Candidates who come from the construction industry, depending upon what they were exposed to, may have a basic understanding of what the components of the home are and where they should be.

This would not give them an in-depth understanding of the building as a complete system.

Nor will it teach them the root-cause-analysis and defect recognition skills they would get from Home Inspector training and experience.

The CPI from InterNACHI is just a confirmation that a candidate has joined InterNACHI, passed the entrance examination (which is U.S. focussed and can be passed with help from Google), completed the InterNACHI code of Ethics course (different from ours), taken the InterNACHI SoP course (we mandate the CAN/CSA A770-16 standard which is somewhat different), provided four (possibly fictitious) inspection reports, and signed an affidavit that they will abide by the terms of InterNACHI membership.

While the first 5 of these bears no relevance on an inspectors educational standards, the last one does but only if the inspector follows through. The problem is, without a detailed assessment, the level of capability cannot be determined.

Currently, in Ontario, there is no government regulation to become a Home Inspector. This means that the regulation of the profession is left up to the associations.

Our regulation is set at the CCHI level. In order to achieve this level, you need first to become a member.

We have no jurisdiction over non-members, hence the reasoning for this chronology.

Any new member can immediately apply for the CCHI, but getting it is a lot harder.

CCHI Applicants can take their education from anywhere on our accredited course list. InterNACHI is one such source, but we don’t accept the course as learning. A minimum of 202 hours is required.

CCHI Applicants have to PROVE they have prior learning, through our proctored examinations.

They have to supply evidence of current and continuing professional indemnity insurance and provide a police background check every 5 years, with an annual affirmation that there have been no changes to the last status.

They then have to provide evidence of 150 real inspections. We strongly advise that the first 50 are overseen by existing, qualified inspectors. From the list of inspections, we will select, at our choosing, up to 10 to perform a peer review.

Depending upon the quality of the inspection reports reviewed a peer-reviewed inspection may be required.

Then and only then would the inspector receive the CCHI. Each Applicant has 4 years to complete the CCHI program.

Once an inspector has the CCHI they are required to perform annual educational training and professional development training and write a CCHI recertification exam every two years.

Members have the ability to log all their training, development and professional documentation and agree for that information to be shared with the government as and when government regulation comes into play.

We hope this will allow fast-tracking of those members into the licensing program.

Sorry, this is a long answer to your very short question, but it’s one that comes up regularly and we hope this will answer a number of other questions people might want to pose.

Most of this information is on the site already. Some of it is in members-only sections. Once you are a member these pages will show up under the search system.

For example: If you wanted to know more about the CCHI program, you would log in to your member account, open the search bar and type CCHI.

admin Changed status to publish May 30, 2019
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