Inspectors Newsletter - June 2013

Licensing in Ontario:  Update

A stakeholders meeting has been arranged by the Ministry of Consumer Services for the 25th June in Toronto.  OntarioACHI will be representing Inspector concerns and aspirations, and our new President will be at the talks.  The discussions will be centered on the processes and on education, but given that the attendees include Realtor Boards, Insurers, Construction Industry agencies, the CMHC a number of educators as well as the Other Inspector Associations in Ontario we fell sure that there will be much input.  A full report will be posted on the OntarioACHI site as soon as possible following the meeting.

Inspectors are invited to post their concerns on the message board, and those who are passionate about being part of the solution should consider joining OntarioACHI

Insurance for Home Inspectors


Insurance for Inspectors


Stakeholders at the up and coming meeting with the Ministry of Consumer Services regarding Licensing of the Profession in Ontario include representatives from Insurers.
The ones so far notified re the Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Brokers Hub International.  There is no doubt that these two stakeholders ...

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New services and Benefits for our members.

Free Membership by signing up for the
Legal Intercept Program

We are pleased to announcing a new program for Home Inspectors in Ontario

We have been working with a Law firm in Toronto on behalf of the Home Inspection Profession in Ontario, and are pleased to announce that an agreement has been arrived at that offer a Legal Intercept Program service that will be available ...

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Chris Walsh

OntarioACHI announces new president

The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Walsh as President effective June 5, 2013.

Chris worked for the Province of Ontario for over 33 years, and subject to several transfers with the Government, he has literally worked from ...

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Joining OntarioACHI

Membership is open to anyone in the Home Inspection Industry.  Obviously as a Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, members of that organisation can choose to join either as an associate member at a reduced rate, or if  you want access to all the benefits and services we will be offering join as a full member.  The difference in joining fees is less than the price of one coffee a week, but the extra services and advocacy benefits pay dividends to full members..

We have made it simple and painless to join, just go to and use the web-site payments through a secure pay-pal service which will let you pay either by PayPal or by Credit card.

We chose this route because we believe it is more important to concentrate our efforts on providing services to our members than to invest in the technology that is required to provide PCI compliance.  In addition to improving the Ethics, Standards and Professional conducts, we want your membership money to provide improvements for the Home Inspector Profession in Ontario, and to generate marketing and other incentives for people to use our members.

Remember this is a not-for-profit organisation, and the less we waste on infrastructure, the more we can use back on the membership, which is what it's all about.

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