Inspectors Newsletter - March 2013

Licensing is coming to Ontario!

The board of directors have been in discussions with both the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and their selected external agency with respect to the upcoming requirements for Licensing Home & Property Inspectors in Ontario.

These are the initial stages of a process that has already been completed in B.C and Alberta, and it looks as though a similar process may happen in Ontario.

As the Licensing proceeds we will keep our paid members appraised of the situation, and once the final outcome is, we will make public the results of the process.

As we are now in the initial stages of the procedures, we are looking to our members for input into the process.  In order to ensure your voice is heard on behalf of OntarioACHI, you need to join.  You can do this here:

Announcing the coming AGM

It has been just over a year since the formation of OntarioACHI and our first Annual General Meeting is upon us.

All members will be sent information and ballots out in the next few days.  To ensure you receive your ballots and guarantee your chance to shape the Association for the future, join up now.

Interim Results of our initial Inspector Survey


As we said above, over the past six months the OntarioACHI board of directors have been busy building the necessary documentation to allow us to step forward into our second year as a transparent open Association for all members.  Part of this work has been negotiating with the various authorities to identify what the requirements are likely to be for Licensing in Ontario.

As part of the Licensing process, the Government and the 3rd party Agency they have chosen to act on their behalf for the process has requested that each participant in the process provide a set of statistics that can assist in determining the landscape of the Home Inspection Industry.

OntarioACHI commissioned the initial survey, which went out to over 595 Inspectors across Ontario asking for input into the process.

The Interim Results

We are publishing the interim results in the hope that this will encourage more Inspectors to complete the Survey.  This survey will run until June at which point the full results will be published and passed on to the Government.  The Survey results are anonymised so no personal information will be passed on.

Of the 595 Inspectors that were invited to respond, 157 have done so, 5 others refused to complete the survey from the outset and we had 2 responses from people who were not home inspectors.

This was to be expected, as the Survey was left open.  The survey was constructed in such a way that Home Inspectors were asked questions relevant to them, and respondents outside of the profession had questions limiting them to what was expected of Home Inspectors.

By building the Survey this way we could identify if there was a difference of opinion between what Home Inspectors felt were important issues with respect to practice and those of people outside of the profession.

How the Inspection Market is served.

We asked if the respondent was a full-time, part-time or retired home inspector.

The results we got showed that the majority of respondents were full-time Inspectors, with the actual figures coming out at:

Full Time Home Inspector 54.55%
Part Time Home Inspector 38.31%
Retired Home Inspector 5.84%
Not a Home Inspector 1.30%

Of those that were home inspectors, unsurprisingly nearly 91% said that home inspections was not their primary career.

There is a perception in the industry that the Home Inspection Profession is a short lived one,  The following result would tend to show otherwise, especially when considered against the statistics above.

It can be seen from these results, which included Home Inspectors who had left the industry, that the majority of Home Inspectors do not just fade away after 1 year.

Over half are in the industry over 5 years with 25% of them having careers of over 10 years.

Where is the largest concentration of Home Inspectors?

Over 50% of home inspectors that responded to the Survey were based, again unsurprisingly, in and around the GTA - or the Central Region of Ontario, with 13% in the East region, 29% in the West and the North with only 5% of the Home Inspector population.

64% of all Home Inspectors offered services outside of there own base area. and while the percentages for services offered outside of the base areas covered a similar spectrum, the responses showed significant signs of Inspectors in the Central Area offering their services in the other three areas, and over half of the Inspectors from those three areas offering their services in the Central area.

This shows that the majority of Home Inspectors are prepared to travel for their clients.  Nearly 5% worked outside of Ontario into Quebec.

Can Home Inspection pay as a primary Career?

While we hear of our fellow inspectors in the U.S. performing 2-3 inspections per day, and some have even boasted of 4-5 per day, it appears that here in Ontario Inspectors do less.

The average for the Number of Inspection per week for practicing Inspectors is around 4-6, with Retired Inspectors claiming the upper end of that scale.

With Inspection prices in Ontario averaging around $350 per inspection, this gives an average income of around $1,400-$2,100 per week for Inspectors, before expenses and taxes.

From this has to be taken the Inspectors Vehicle, Tools, Insurances and Association, Certification and Licensing (where applicable) costs.

What does Association Membership look like?

The Majority of Inspectors belong to one of the Big 3Associations, with the Majority (89%) of the respondents being Members of InterNACHI.  55% Belonging to OAHI, and 44% Belonging to ASHI.  This shows that many inspectors are, or have been members of multiple Inspector Associations.

What other services do home Inspectors provide?

It appears that Home Inspectors are extending their services beyond the basic Inspection, with Certifications beyond the Home Inspection Certifications offered by the various Associations, it appears that Ontario Home Inspectors are extending their knowledge into associated areas to support the needs of their Clients, with Energy related inspections making up the majority of these extra services.

Differences of opinion exposed

It appears from the results of the Survey, that there is, generally, a difference of opinion between Inspectors who have worked in the Industry for less than 5 years, those who have been in the profession for 5-15 years, those who have been in the profession for more than 15 years and those of the public.

While the Public want's trained inspectors who can be trusted to not only provide accurate inspections and professional services that are insured but also prove to be educated in their field and held responsible by their professional peers for any wrongdoing, the view of the inspectors differ.

Those inspectors who have been in the Industry less than 5 years believe that there should be a minimum of educational requirements, are unhappy about getting insurance, but are happy with criminal background checks. 

Those inspectors in the 5-15 year career bracket appear to be happy with a higher level of education, and even suggest trade experience, are generally happy to get insured, but are against criminal background checks.

Those inspectors in the 15 plus career bracket (and the retired inspector group) appear to not want extensive education, but want to show longevity in the industry, do not want police background checks and appear to be split around 50/50 on the subject of Insurance.

It is plain from this set of results that their are differences within the Inspection population as to the Criteria that makes up a Professional Home Inspector and all fall short in one area or another of what the Public expects.

Accessing the Full Survey results.

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